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nonstandard welding alloyed forming reamer

WTFTOOLS customized non-standard solid carbide end mill, drills bit,reamer,forming cutter and other tools

nonstandard welding alloyed forming reamer

Introduction:nonstandard welding alloyed forming reamer.Reasonable price, quantity and discount. OEM can also be based on your drawings or samples. A reamer has one or more teeth to remove the thin metal rotation on the surface of the machined hole.


1) specification
1.1 cemented carbide brazing tool
1.2 coating tisin-s
1.3 HRC can reach 65 degrees.
1.4 high hardened steel and high speed steel
1.5 V type welded carbide tools and handles are more tightly connected.

2) Raw materials: American Kenner, Sweden Sandvik cemented carbide, Taiwan Zhuzhou CB cemented carbide, Hunan Zhuzhou cemented carbide.
1, HRC50 – YG10X
2, HRC55 – YL10.2; HRC55 – CB cemented carbide
3, HRC58 – Chinese K44
4, HRC60 – K44 Germany
5, HRC65 - Sandvik cemented carbide

3) super silicon nitride:
* reduce friction and improve tool life.

4) detection:
Each milling cutter is inspected by ZOLLER measuring machine and checking machine.

5) artifacts:
Applications: aerospace, transportation, medical equipment, military manufacturing, mold development, instrumentation and so on.
Applicable workpiece: copper, cast iron, carbon steel, tool steel, die steel, die steel, stainless steel, plastic, ultra-thin lamp box, etc.

6) advanced CNC grinder
Five axis CNC grinding machine abroad
Walter of Germany
Australia ANCA

7) reasonable price
Lots and lots of discounts.
OEM can also be based on your drawings or samples.

8) strict quality inspection
Check each item.
Guarantee tolerance range 0-0.02mm

9) packing
A plastic tube is packed in one package with 10 pieces each.


Hardness Name Color Descriptions
60/65HRC NACO BLUE Blue purple The best choice for dry processing.
(Materials, such as stainless steel AlTiN coatings, that are usually more lubricating, moderately hardened, and viscous/viscous than TiAlN)
55HRC TIALN Purple red Good lubricity
55HRC TISIN Copper
45HRC ALTIN Grayish brown Corrosion resistance and wear resistance

Note: This is a non-standard product which provides customized service and the price is determined by drawings.


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