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Customized manufacturer non-standard carbide drills

WTFTOOLS customized non-standard solid carbide end mill, drills bit,reamer,forming cutter and other tools
Summary:What are the better customized manufacturer of non-standard tungsten carbide drills in China...

What are the better customized manufacturer of non-standard tungsten carbide drills in China - Changzhou WTFTool Co., Ltd. - Specializes in providing one-stop metal cutting solutions! Manufacturers customize all kinds of non-standard tungsten Carbide cutting tools
First, let's know which diameters belong to non-standard tungsten carbide drills.
1. Judgment according to large diameter and size. The tungsten drills bit with non-integer diameter is a non-standard tungsten drilling bit. For example, the diameter in front of_4.2*45*L75*D4 is 4.2, so the parameters are expressed as non-standard tungsten drill bit.
2. Integer of larger diameter. For example, D23 * 100 * L153 * D24, which also represents non-standard tungsten drills. Because tungsten carbide drills with larger diameters are not commonly used.
3. Unlike the usual size of standard tungsten carbide drills, such as unconventional tool holder diameter, unconventional blade length, tool holder length or total length can be collectively referred to as non-standard tungsten steel drills.
Types of non-standard solid carbide drilling bit: non-standard tungsten step drills, non-standard tungsten forming drills, non-standard tungsten composite drills, non-standard twist drills, non-standard tungsten steel center drills, non-standard tungsten steel deep hole drills, non-standard tungsten steel inner cooling drills, non-standard tungsten steel straight channel drills and non-standard tungsten steel calibration point drills
Which workpiece materials are suitable for non-standard alloy drills: gray cast iron, nodular cast iron, high silicon aluminium, copper alloy, stainless steel, high carbon steel and some high hardness metal materials.
Functions of non-standard tungsten steel drills: processing of blind holes, through holes, prefabricated holes and intermittent holes.
Why is Changzhou WTFTool a better manufacturer of integral non-standard tungsten steel drills?
1. All raw materials of Changzhou WTFTOOL choose tungsten Carbide rods of imported brands or well-known brands in China to ensure the source of product materials.
2. Non-standard tungsten steel drills can be customized according to the requirements. Customers can adopt the following three ways:
     1). Provide samples of non-standard tungsten steel drills. Witford can customize the size of the samples.
      2). Providing drawings of non-standard tungsten steel drills, Witford engineers will design and produce according to the parameters of the drawings.
     3). In the absence of samples and drawings, drawings of processed products can be provided. According to workpiece drawings provided by your company, Witford will design drawings of non-standard tungsten steel drills, and then engineers will customize non-standard drills and produce them (this is suitable for customers of the first processed products).
3. Strict delivery date (normal delivery period of non-standard tungsten steel drills is about 5 working days)
4. Non-standard bit quality and quantity to provide good after-sales service.
5. It can provide customers with the grinding of non-standard drill bits in the later stage to realize the secondary utilization of products. (Generally, drills can be subjected to 1-2 times of secondary grinding, which can be identified according to wear degree, so as to reduce the cost of consumables for non-standard drills for production and processing enterprises.)
Changzhou WTFTool welcomes customers who need non-standard tungsten carbide drills to consult and customize. Hotline: Manager Li, 18751457118 (Wechat)

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