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where to Custom caribide nonstandard step drill bits

WTFTOOLS customized non-standard solid carbide end mill, drills bit,reamer,forming cutter and other tools
Summary:Where is the best manufacturer processing custom tungsten caribide nonstandard step drill bit in China- Changzhou WTFTOOL...

Where is the best manufacturer processing custom tungsten caribide nonstandard step drill bit in China- Changzhou WTFTOOL
As a well-known milling and drilling tool manufacturer, Changzhou has many well-known tool finishing enterprises. However, there are not many professional tungsten carbide non-standard cutting tools, the reason is that non-standard cutting tools need to spend a lot of energy to study non-standard cutting tool drawings, product drawings, in the case of meeting customers without both, we have to measure the tool samples provided by customers. However, the tool industry requires very high accuracy, no matter the measurement of drawings or samples are highly technical enterprises can complete. Changzhou WTFTOOL can provide one-stop solution service for metal cutting manufacturers.
What non-standard tool customization can Changzhou WTFTOOL provide to customers?
1. Customized Processing of Integral Tungsten Carbide Steel Non-standard Milling Cutter
2. Customized processing of monolithic tungsten carbide steel non-standard drill bit
3. Customized processing of monolithic tungsten carbide steel non-standard reamer
4. Customized processing of monolithic tungsten carbide steel non-standard forming cutter.
5. Processing of non-standard tool with alloy insert.
6. PCD Tool Customization Processing
Now we have a formal understanding of what is a step bit and a compound bit?
Metal drilling belongs to middle step bit, step bit and composite bit, which are different names of the same bit. In fact, there are also called multi-stage drills and pagoda drills. As shown in the figure.
The function is to replace two or more drills with one bit, and to realize different diameters and sizes with different steps.
Why choose Changzhou WTFTOOL Manufacturer for custom solid carbide non-standard drills?
Nowadays, tungsten carbide standard bits are roughly divided into three categories: 1. European and American series: mainly with Sandvik, Kenner, SECO, Walter, Iska and other cutting tools; 2. Japanese and Korean series: mainly with Sumitomo, Teclo, Mitsubishi, Kyocera, Teguk; 3. Domestic series: mainly with Zhuzhou Diamond and Xiamen Golden Heron. However, if the tungsten steel non-standard drills are purchased from these manufacturers, they will not accept the customization of non-standard drills without super high initial quantity. The customization cost of non-standard tungsten steel drills is very expensive even if the initial order is reached. Delivery time is also very slow. Because compared with the order quantity and the total amount of standard tungsten steel drills, the big brand factories that order non-standard drills will not pay much attention to shortening the delivery time at all.
However, it will be very different to cooperate with our professional manufacturers of non-standard solid carbide drills.
1. Changzhou WTFTOOL is a factory specializing in the processing of integral carbide non-standard tungsten carbide step drills and step drills.
2. Imported brand or domestic high quality tungsten carbide bars are selected for purchasing tungsten steel rods (providing material guarantee for processing non-standard tungsten carbide step drill bit)
3. Provide professional non-standard bit design drawings for different customers to meet the processing requirements (non-standard tungsten steel step drills, non-standard tungsten carbide step drawings design)
4. Guarantee the processing accuracy of non-standard solid carbide step drills (German imported grinder equipment)
5. Short delivery time for non-standard tungsten carbide step drills (sample 3-5 days, formal order 5-7 days)
6. Non-standard tungsten steel step drill has high accuracy, fast drilling speed, high feed and good chip removal.
7. Providing post-grinding service for non-standard tungsten carbide drills to reduce the secondary customization cost of processing enterprises
8. Deep Cooperative Solutions: Providing Professional Solution Services for Old Customers

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