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Customized nonstandard solid carbide deep hole drills

WTFTOOLS customized non-standard solid carbide end mill, drills bit,reamer,forming cutter and other tools
Summary:WTFTOOL manufacturer processing customized cemented carbide non-standard solid carbide deep hole drills - Welcome to the drawing and sample processing!...

WTFTOOL manufacturer processing customized cemented carbide non-standard solid carbide deep hole drills - Design & production according to the drawing and sample!
Deep-hole drills refer to the drills specially used for processing deep holes. Changzhou WTFTOOL is a professional manufacturer of carbide non-standard tungsten carbide deep-hole drills. In mechanical processing, the ratio of hole depth to hole diameter is usually greater than 10, which is called deep hole. The ratio of hole diameter of non-standard deep hole drills produced by WTFTOOL can reach more than 20XD. It is difficult for deep-hole drills to dissipate heat and remove chips during drilling. For this reason, WTFTOOL engineers have designed non-standard solid carbide deep-hole drills which are easy to remove chips and have good heat dissipation by using many years of tool processing experience. Because of the slenderness of deep-hole drills, shaking and bending should be avoided in the processing and production (hard carbide has strong hardness but weak rigidity). Pressure cooling system is generally used to solve the cooling and chip removal problems.
Processing characteristics of non-standard solid carbide deep hole drills:
1. The characteristics of chip removal and heat dissipation should be taken into account when drilling bit with longer blade length, and attention should be paid to feed and rotational speed.
2. Because the edge is in the deep hole, it is impossible to observe the situation in the hole during processing.
Graded feed for deep hole drilling can be considered
When drilling deep holes with non-standard tungsten carbide deep hole drills, the cutter quits quickly after a period of feed, the workpiece removes chips, and then quickly approaches the processing part and continues to work, so many times to and fro until the required hole depth is processed, which is called graded feed.
Deep-hole drills can be divided into ordinary deep-hole drills and inner-cooled deep-hole drills according to the cooling method. Internal cooling is to prevent excessive temperature of the contact area of the cutting edge from cooling with coolant in order to prevent the occurrence of bit fracture.
Drill Bit breaking
1. Chip breaking is not good, chips can not be discharged: changing the size of chip breaking groove to avoid excessive length and shallowness; timely finding and replacing the chipping edge; increasing the pressure and flow rate of cutting fluid; adopting workpieces with uniform material structure.
2. Excessive, small or uneven feed: appropriate cutting parameters.
3. Excessive wear of drill bit: periodically replace the drill bit to avoid excessive wear.
4. Incorrect cutting fluid: Choose suitable cutting fluid and improve filtration.
Integral carbide deep-hole drills/non-standard solid carbide deep-hole drills are generally used in automotive crankshaft, engine and tubesheet industries. Applicable workpieces are: structural steel, alloy steel, stainless steel and other common materials processing.

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