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Strict implementation of enterprise management plan

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Summary:Strict implementation of enterprise management plan...

Meticulous management is a brand new undertaking in China. It accords with the reality that Chinese enterprises are eager to improve management level, and also reflects the development trend of enterprise management. In order to maximize the economic benefits of enterprises, respond to the call of the central government for "building a conservation-minded society" and thoroughly implement the management concept of "not wasting a penny", Comrade Wei Hualiang, the general manager of the group, made it clear that 2016 should be defined as the "financial management control" of the company. "Year", at the same time, the implementation of meticulous management within the company.

Through carrying out meticulous management, further strengthening the basic work of the enterprise, improving the control ability and overall management level of the cost and expenses of the enterprise, enhancing the comprehensive competitiveness and profitability of the enterprise, actively promoting the construction pace of the saving-oriented enterprise, improving the "quality" of each link, and earnestly realizing meticulous management Rationale, meticulous marketing, fine manufacturing, refined product development and production processes. Generally speaking, the essence is in the process. A few days ago, this work has been from the fine financial management as a starting point, gradually extended to the business activities of each post, each specific business, refine each goal, task, plan, instructions, so that it can be implemented to people, to achieve management "zero" corner.

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